Versace’s back and he’s here to share a little story. Over a year ago, before the last tour, he set out to find a diet that would work for him long term. Versace found intermittent fasting worked best for him after trying several different programs. He talks about losing 100 lbs and offers some advice to those who want to start their own weight loss journey.

In the second half of the episode, the guys go over some healthy habits they’ve formed since the quarantine started. Habits like walking every morning, exploring some of LA’s best nature spots, and learning how to spot Supermoons (don’t ask Blue how he did it though) are some examples. While anyone can talk about what is wrong in the world right now, The Steves remind listeners that looking towards the bright side is ten times better at the end of the day.
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  1. Mike, love your content man. Your music embraces the work hard play hard mentality which I find to be extremely inspiring. You’ve achieved so much and yet still managed to bring your friends along for the ride. Keep going and stay partying my guy. Chicago would love for you to come by this summer!

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