Johnny Manziel is a former Heisman Trophy winner and college football legend. On the field, he’s best known for his ability to extend plays as a dual-threat quarterback, earning nicknames like “Johnny Football” and “Money Manziel” that are iconic still to this day. Off the field, well, let’s just say Johnny is Johnny.

Many know how Johnny’s NFL career played out—and he’ll touch on that in this episode. Since leaving the league though, he’s been out of the public spotlight, golfing like a pro in Arizona and spending time with those closest to him.

One of those he’s closest with is Mike. Johnny gave the green light to come on and talk about what he’s doing now to get ahead in life, and how he’s reconciled with the game of football. There’s even a major announcement of what he and Mike are creating together that will release in the near future.

But overall Johnny has no regrets; the truth is what it is. In other words, “The Ball. Don’t. Lie.”

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  1. Hands down one of the best podcasts out there!! You guys are both legends fr fr hands down some real ones ! Super happy to see to hear ur doing amazing money manziel massive fan just wanna see u win in life !!

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