Trevor Bauer is a free agent starting pitcher in the MLB and the most recipient of the National League’s Cy Young Award—which goes to the best pitcher in each league every season. Trevor is one of the most notable players working to make baseball more entertaining and engaging: He challenges players publicly on Twitter, he paints “Free Joe Kelly” on his cleats, he keeps the fans engaged off the field with content from the media company he started, Momentum. Trevor’s sharp and analytical, and he wears his traits on his sleeve.

Sitting down in-person with Mike, Trevor opens up and shares his thoughts on being the biggest free agent on the market this baseball offseason. They touch on how people treat you before and after hitting a come-up. the importance of mental health in their lives, and the aspirations they have for themselves in the future. Where will Trevor sign? What will Trevor do? The answers to these questions might be a little less abstract once this episode is all said and done.
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