Caleb Pressley is a comedian and a future champion golfer. Known for his college lifestyle mini-docs and intense Sunday Conversations, Caleb has worked his way up to becoming one of Barstool Sports’ most loved personalities. He’s also the face of 51 Strokes—a golf-centered podcast started on the premise Caleb will one day become the Masters Champion golfer he was born to be.

Caleb and Mike revisit moments in their careers that got them to where they are now. They attribute many of their successes to following their gut, and that trait becomes a major theme throughout the episode. Of course Barstool producer Dana Beers drops in on the pod for a bit. PGA Tour golfer Max Homa makes an appearance too, and he and Caleb hash out a minor friendship hang-up in real-time…
It’s the #69th episode for a reason—let’s drink to that.

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